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Instant Doctor Visits serving California.

At $19, we provide same day visits, personalized care, medical answers and prescriptions.

A better doctor experience awaits.

We view the opportunity to treat you as a privilege. Spend your time on things that bring you joy and let us worry about keeping you healthy.

Here's how it works

Download the app. Start a visit, follow the prompts, report your symptoms, and experience personalized care from our dedicated doctors.

We treat a wide variety of medical conditions

Preventive Care
Urgent Care
Chronic Conditions
Medical Advice
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Pricing. Available in California.

$39 /visit
Private Chat with Doctor
Visits starts in 2 hours
Doctor Note by request New
No insurance required
Not a subscription
$19 /visit
Includes everything from $39
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Our patients are saying...

SamiSurprised how streamlined and conveniently I was able to access a doctor - all through my phone. I was texting with a doctor within a few minutes and I loved how it shows if the doctor has read your message or not. I was also able to pick up my medication within an hour.
GustavoI used this application because I needed help with medical problems, and I completely loved it. It's so easy to use and very convenient! I don't like going to the doctor's office due to the long waits, so this new way to get medical help is great for me. By using this application, I was able to receive assistance while I was at work. Additionally, the service was excellent, and the doctor who helped me was very helpful and professional.

Have questions?

What is InstaCured?
InstaCured is a message-based app connecting patients with board-certified doctors. InstaCured ensures accessible, affordable healthcare for all regardless of insurance status. No need to interrupt your day to receive medical care, message our doctors from anywhere at any time. We prioritize your privacy with HIPAA compliance and End-to-End encryption.
What is covered?
At InstaCured, we offer a range of telehealth services that allow you to access quality health care from the comfort of your home. Whether you need urgent care for a minor injury or illness, primary care for your routine health needs, chronic condition management for ongoing support and guidance, or support for healthy living to improve your wellness and prevent disease, we have you covered. Our telehealth services are delivered through secure and convenient direct messaging app.
Does InstaCured require insurance?
No health insurance is required.
Does InstaCured prescribe medications?
Our doctors can prescribe medications and refills in California.
What states is InstaCured available in?
We provide doctor visits services in California. We're expanding to more states soon. Keep checking back to see if your state is part of our growing coverage. Our upcoming state is Michigan!
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